We provide a wide range of services supporting our customers' business.


In this sense, we take care of advising them when creating a new company or even if they want to establish a company already created in the investor’s country of origin in our territory.

Based on the economic activity to be carried out and the business model to be implemented, we will find the best option to successfully complete the investment and avoid possible problems in the future of these companies in terms of tax and legal matters.

We can offer you, if required, a previous market study regarding the activity you wish to develop.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any queries or clarifications you may have.

Create a Business

If you are thinking of investing in the Canary Islands either by setting up a business or buying a property we will advise you on all the previous steps to follow and on the development of your business once it is legally established.


When receiving an inheritance in the Canary Islands / Spain, whether you are a tax resident or not, you must follow certain steps for the distribution, legal registration and payment of the inheritance taxes.

Holiday Homes License

Holiday homes have been booming in recent years as a new form of tourism in the Canary Islands. As a result it has become a source of extra income for those who own one or more properties in the Canary Islands


We advise you on the planning and filing of all types of taxes and formalities both at company and personal level.

Non-resident taxes

If you own property or business in the Canary Islands you should be aware that you are subject to non-resident tax. There are taxes to be filed annually or quarterly depending on whether or not the property is subject to economic activity.

Other Administration Services

In this section we offer you the possibility of carrying out different procedures that are not directly related to taxes or obtaining permits or administrative licences. These include the following

to always be accurately informed.