Every type of business has several parts to take into account. We explain below the steps to follow in general. Then each case will have its own particularities.


First of all, it is necessary to find a place to develop the activity, whether it is your own or rented. We recommend not renting any premises until the second step, which is detailed below, is completed.

Secondly, a report must be requested from the local council to check that the activity can be carried out in these premises.

Thirdly, if the report from the town hall is positive, we will have to carry out a technical project. This project details the activity to be carried out in the premises as well as all the works to be executed, electrical installations, water supply, gas, smoke extraction, fire prevention measures, machinery and equipment in general.

Fourthly, once the project has been drawn up and signed by an authorised engineer, it must be submitted to the local council for approval.

Fifthly, if the project has been approved by the local council, we must request authorisation to carry out the works that must be carried out to adapt the premises to the activity.

And finally, once the works have been completed, we must request the start of activity and the Opening Licence from the corresponding local council.


You must be very clear about the tax structure you are going to give to your business. For this it is very important to know from the beginning if you are going to develop it as a self-employed person, through a company with other people, etc…

The way in which you are going to formalise the tax situation of your business depends on what I have mentioned above. Depending on your choice, there will be different percentages of taxes to be paid, different deadlines for filing tax forms and other tax formalities. Each case needs to be studied specifically


You will probably need to hire staff to run your business. This involves registering employees with the social security, paying monthly social security fees, taking out employee accident insurance, etc…


Among the most important is the contracting of civil liability insurance policies, accident insurance for employees as mentioned in the previous section, and finally the occupational risk prevention service for employees. This type of service can be contracted out to specialised external companies, which give courses to employees to prevent accidents at work.

If you have read the article in its entirety, I am sure it will all seem very complicated to you. It won’t be if you put it in our hands. Just tell us your idea and we will bring it to reality.

Contact us and we will answer your questions and expectations.

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